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Discount Codes

Here is a list of all of the brands I've partnered with to give you all an awesome discount!


Petal & Pup: 20Jada for 20% off

Fehrnvi: JADASEGAARD for 15% off 

Sara Beth Jordan Boutique: Jada15 for 15% off

United Monograms: Jada10 for 10% off

BÖHME: JADA15 for 15% off 

Pink Lily Boutique: February20 for 20% off

Sassy Queen Boutique: JADASEGAARD for 10% off

Ella B & Co: JADAS15 for 15% off


Cherie Lane Boutique: Jada10 for 10% off 


Loopy Cases: jadasegaard for 10% off

Vera Bradley: JADASEGAARD for 10% off 


Brooklinen: Jada20 for $20 off orders over $100

Pura: JADA15 for 15% off 

Boutique Rugs: JADASEGAARD for 10% off


Colleen Rothschild: JADABURNETTE20 for 20% off

Cosmakery: JADA15 for 15% off 

Dime Beauty: Jada20 for 20% off

Zimba: Jada10 for 10% off


Verb Energy: 50% off plus free shipping

Liquid IV: JADASEGAARD for 25% off

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