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Hair Hack with Madison Braids

Let's chat hair! I am obsessed with all of the thick boho braids on Pinterest, but I never have thick enough hair to achieve the looks. I also don't have the patience to spend that much time on my hair. Que Madison Braids.

When I stumbled across this brand I didn't believe that the braids weren't real! They blended so seamlessly into the model's hair that it looked like her natural hair! I knew I had to try these out for myself! When it came to picking out my hair color, I simply messaged them on Instagram and they were able to PERFECTLY match my hair to a braid!

There are so many different styles of braids to choose from! I personally love the fishtail and halo braid that I am wearing here! The headbands are adjustable in the back so they will work with any head size and hairstyle! If you are looking for extensions, Madison Braids has those as well!

After playing around with how to style the braid in different ways, I found my favorite style! Throwing the braid on top of a messy ponytail is the perfect look to dress up any outfit! I think this would be super cute for any dressy/ formal event! Adding the braid makes it look like I spent way more time on my hair than I actually did!

If you are interested in checking out more of Madison Braids, click here! For 15% off your purchase use code JADA15! If you aren't sure which color to choose, don't forget to shoot Madison Braids a message on Instagram for a free color match!

Thank you Madison Braids for gifting me this braid! All opinions are my own!

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