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Skin Journey with Averr Aglow

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Who else struggles with acne?

I have been struggling with my acne for the past 6 years. I first started noticing my breakouts were a little bit harder to manage my freshman year of college. Before then I would have the occasional pimple just like any normal high schooler. But never any breakouts that covered my face. It was around this time that I started looking for a skincare routine that would help manage or reduce my acne.

But here I am 6 years later still looking. This past year I would say my acne has reached its peak. My breakouts have covered my entire face, and for the first time, I have experienced cystic acne. I've tried so many different acne lines and products and none have truly cleared my skin or even prevented breakouts. Some have made my breakouts worse and caused my acne to worsen. Dealing with severe breakouts at 23 has not been easy. Because of this last year, I was able to spend more time at home which meant wearing less makeup, and not even this helped calm my skin. Now having to wear masks has also played a role in the worsening of my acne.

These past two months, I have been trying out a new brand called Averr Aglow. Averr Aglow is an all-natural skincare brand that was created by someone that struggled with cystic and hormonal acne. So she gets the struggle and worked to create a fix. The Averr Aglow Acne line works to even your skin tone, detox your skin, fight and prevent breakouts, and give you a radiant glow! All of the products are gluten-free, PETA approved, paraben-free, and made here in the USA!

The Products I Used

The products I used were from the Clear Skin Kit. This kit includes the Clarifying Hydration Dew, Radiant Cleansing Nectar, Clear Skin Elixir, Flawless Nourishment Cream, and 80 Cotton Pads! All of these are full-sized products and have lasted me almost over 2 months.

My Results

When I took the first picture on Dec 18th, my face looked like it did just about every day. My cheeks stayed constantly broken out and red. You can also see scarring from previous breakouts. This was the day that I started using Averr Aglow.

On Jan 5th, I could finally see a difference in my skin. It took me so long to take an update picture because I personally couldn't see change. But here I noticed that my overall complexion was clearing up. I still had a few spots on my cheeks, but these breakouts are most likely due to eating dairy and wearing masks with makeup. I also am bad about picking at pimples so this contributes to irritation as well.

On Jan 16th, I noticed the biggest difference in my complexlion. I can wear less foundation because I'm not having to cover a huge amount of redness in my skin. I also have less overall texture on my forehead and chin. I have had one or two cystic pimples but they healed quickly with the elixir.

February 15th. I have had consistent breakouts along my cheeks and jawline. These are pretty typical hormonal breakouts for me. I have also been wearing a lot more makeup the past few weeks which lead to more breakouts. These typically take longer to clear up but the elixir I think is helping with healing!

February 22nd. The breakouts on my cheeks have started healing and I can see a reduction in redness! Now my breakouts are more around my mouth with is most likely because of my diet.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am super impressed with these results! This is the clearest my skin has been in years! I feel comfortable enough to leave the house without makeup on for the first time in months. After only a month of using Averr Algow the redness in my face is almost, if not all the way, gone. Having a reduction in redness makes my skin look less broken out even with a few breakouts on my cheeks.

I definitely think the product from this line that has had the most impact on my skin is the Clear Skin Elixir. It basically heals any breakouts I have overnight. I expected it to be overly drying based on the consistency but it's actually the opposite. I wake up and my skin is moisturized even with it being winter. I love that it applies like a face mask but instead of washing it off after 10-15 min, you sleep in it overnight allowing all of the nutrients from the mask to soak into your skin! I can see a noticeable difference in the size of breakouts when I wake up.

The only thing about this line I am not a fan of is that it doesn't require water. Which for some people this may be their favorite thing about the line. I love washing my face in the morning and at night. It just leaves my skin feeling refreshed and it wakes me up. So before I use the Averr Algow line I will wash my face with a gentle cleanser. I do really love that there are only three steps morning and night. This simplifies my morning and night routine significantly!

I am definitely going to continue using this line because I have a feeling that after 2 months my face will continue to clear up! Like I said, I am SUPER impressed with the Averr Algow Clear Skin Kit. This skincare line has made the most impact on my skin than any other line I have used in the past 6 years.

If you have struggled with hormonal and or cystic/stubborn acne, I highly recommend checking out this line! They were also sweet enough to offer you all a discount code! You can use the code Jada20 for 20% off your first order from Averr Aglow!

** A HUGE thank you to Averr Aglow Skincare for gifting me this skincare line. As always all opinions of this post are my own.

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