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2021 Best Sellers

Hi friends! It's so hard to believe that 2021 has come and gone already! Wedding planning really made the year fly by! Now that we are here in the new year, it's time to recap your most shopped and loved items from the blog this year! I always love to see what items were the most popular with you all throughout the year! So many of these products are items that I love and use every day, so it makes me so happy to see that you all loved them too!

Shop 2021's best sellers below!

Farmhouse Bedding: The best seller of this year was an easy one! Our Target bedding! I absolutely love this comforter set from the Hearth and Hand line. The quality is amazing and the comforter is a perfect weight!

Amazon Hair ties: These are my favorite hair ties ever and they come in a pack of 50! I love that they don't give me headaches and are super gentle on my hair! 50 hair ties for only $7!

Barefoot Dreams dupe : We know I love a good Amazon dupe, and finding this blanket on Amazon was one of my goals. I was so excited when I found the cheetah print Barefoot dreams dupes! I personally have the beige and grey, and I love them! They feel identical to my real Barefoot Dreams blanket!

Spanx Leather Leggings : These have been a best seller for the past two years! I seriously love my Spanx leather leggings so much! To be honest, I have two pairs and I wear them all week most of the time! Oops.

Bridesmaid Silk Pjs : One wedding item that took me to find was a cute pair of pjs for my bridesmaids. I had a specific look and color in mind and I also didn't want them to be insanely expensive. I found these on Amazon and knew they were the ones, especially since the style came in both white and the rust color I had in mind! They were perfect for us to get ready in and under $20!

Tarte Shape Tape : Hands down the best conclear! If you haven't tried shape tape, I highly recommend trying it! I have used it for years and I wear the lightest shade!

Coffee Frother : Seeing that my Amazon $8 coffee frother made me giggle. If you remember on stories at the beginning of last year, I shared my coffee routine. You all changed my life with recommending I get a coffee frother! Now I use it every single morning!

Kindle Paperwhite : My Kindle is one of my personal top favorite purchases from this past year! I really got into reading last year and purchasing my Kindle changed how much I read! I started reading on my Ipad mini but it got to be bulky and I found myself getting distracted by notifications on it. I got a Kindle on sale on Amazon and I love how easy the screen is on my eyes! It so lightweight and I carry it with me in my purse!

Self Tanning Drops : I tried out so many self tanners this year to find one that I really loved, and these self tanning drops are on my top favorites list! I love how buildable the color is! It also helps my regular tan last longer! Its also safe to use on your face!

Smiley Face Trucker Hat : This was one of the cutest Etsy finds this year! Im loving the smiley face trend this year, and I hope it stays!

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