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We Moved! Our New Home Details

Hi friends!

Yep, you read that right, we moved! One of our goals for 2023 was to start the process of looking for a bigger home. Little did we know that we would find one in February, put in an offer, sell our house, and move by April!

As soon as we walked into the second house we looked at, it felt like home. From the open floor plan, to abundant natural lighting, there was so much to love! There were several must-haves

on our list which were,

  • more square footage

  • bigger back yard

  • more closets

  • closer to family

Of course, this house marked everything off our list and more! One of the biggest selling points of this house for us was being right on the river. So not only do we have a view of the river out almost every window, no one can build behind us to block the view.

That was one of the most inconvenient things about our first home. Our entire backyard was visible by over 10 homes. Which meant we could also see into over 10+ homes. It felt like we were living in an apartment complex with the number of houses around us.

We absolutely loved our first home and it was so good to us. It was definitely bittersweet leaving it behind since we poured so much love into building and designing it. One of the biggest reasons our new home feels so much like home is that it's built by the same builder. So a lot of the small details are the same. A few small details like flooring and paint colors are slightly different, but it looks very similar to our first home. This also made decorating super easy because all of our pieces from the first house matched still.

Since we moved in, we have gotten some ideas for a few small projects. I'm super excited to make this house ours! We already had a fence installed for Sully and are in the process of screening in our back porch! This is something we always wanted to do at the first house, so we are excited to have that here! Some of the projects on my list are upgrading the powder bathroom downstairs, landscaping projects, adding more stone to the house, and maybe new flooring.

We are so excited to see how our life unfolds here in our new home! Make sure to follow along on Instagram stories and tiktok to see all the updates and home decor finds!

Here's a look at a few of the areas and details in our new home I am loving!

Bright and airy kitchen inspiration 2023. Traditional home decor style kitchen with pops of green and blue. Southern home decor for kitchen and dining room

Our kitchen table looks even better in this house than our last, which I didn't think would be possible! The space is so much larger which allows us to keep the leaf in the table for more seating! I love how well it fits here!

White kitchen inspiration. White kitchen design. Counter height kitchen barstools. farmhouse kitchen inpiration. builder grade kitchens

I absolutely love our new kitchen! Having this larger island gives us so much more room to cook and entertain!

Farmhouse traditional living room decor. Large living room decor. Southern home living room decor 2023.

All of the windows and open space in this house was another feature that I absolutely loved! All of our furniture fit seamlessly! Although I am in the market for a bigger couch to fill the space! I also upgraded our living room rug to a 9x12!

large open entryway decor 2023

The large open entryway of my dreams!

Bright and airy primary bedroom furniture 2023. Primary bedroom design and decor 2023. Primary bedroom bedding on amazon.

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