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AM & PM Skincare Routine

Hi friends!

So basically since quarantine started, I've been trying to figure out my skincare routine. This year my acne has become so out of control. Everything I've tried never seems to work. I was religiously using Tula for almost two years and seeing the usual pimple here and there. Nothing that was too out of control. But then cue 2020, the year where nothing goes right, and my acne is literally out of control. I even started seeing cystic acne, which I have never had.

Thankfully I don't have to wear makeup every day for work which has allowed me to really play around with skincare products! I know that when my face reacts it's not due to makeup so I am able to really focus on what's causing my breakouts! Although, you would think that not wearing makeup every day would be helping my skin.... but ya know... 2020.

So far I have found a few products that I have fallen in love with and that I can see a difference in my skin after using them!

AM Skincare Routine

The first thing I do when I wake up is I wash my face! This always makes me feel more awake and ready for the day. I had seen this face wash at Ulta a few times but I never thought anything of it because I mainly knew Soap and Glory for lotion and body wash. When I was shopping for mini products to fly with, I saw the mini Soap and Glory face wash and I literally thought "that's so cute I want that one." I would have never thought that it would help reduce the redness of my face and help heal my acne! I can also tell a difference in how bright my skin looks instead of dull! I have never been one to have glowing skin but this face wash is AMAZING! As you can tell I had to get the full size!

I also always use my Clarisonic Face brush to wash my face! I have noticed a difference in the texture of my face after using it since Jan! I used to keep small bumps along my forehead, but when I use a cleansing brush I notice that my forehead stays smooth! The specific brush I have is actually Bluetooth and connects to your phone! You can change your washing routines in the Clarisonic app and track your progress! I also love that it is rechargeable! I was forever running out of batteries for the off-brand brush I had before! With the Clarisonic, the charge lasts over a month!

The second step in my morning routine is the serum for acne by The Ordinary. I have seen reviews and posts about this brand all over Pinterest for a while, but I always thought it was a luxury brand and would be super expensive.... WRONG. This serum is literally $5!!! After using this serum for two weeks I have noticed a difference! My skin is less oily and my acne heals quicker. It is causing some purging which I expected to see since the purpose of the product is to "reduce the signs of congestion and visible sebum activity."

Next is moisturizer! To be completely honest, I do like this moisturizer, but not as much as the Tula day and night cream. However, this one from The Ordinary is a great moisturizer for the price. The Tula one is exactly what you pay $50 for, but sometimes that gets a little pricey. I really like the consistency of The Ordinary moisturizer. It goes on super thick and melts into your skin! A little really goes a long way!

Lastly, I apply the Tula Glow and Get It blam under my eyes! It seriously gives you the best glow under your eyes and makes you look and FEEL more awake! It's so cooling and makes you feel refreshed and ready for the day!

PM Skincare Routine

This is the face wash that I have been using for almost two years! I love using it at night because it is so gentle but it removes all of my makeup including mascara! It helps keeps down the amount of oil my face produces and reduces the texture on my forehead!

Two times a week I will use this serum from The Ordinary! For me, it helps reduce redness on my face and the look of my acne! I think it helps heal blemishes faster! The listed benefits of this peeling solution are "deeper exfoliation to help fight signs of pore congestion and improve skin radiance and improve the appearance of skin texture and reduce the look of fine lines." On days I don't use the peeling solution, I use the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% serum!

If I notice my skin is dull or I have a few stubborn breakouts, I like to use a scrub! Sometimes I use the Tula Sugar scrub, but recently I have been loving the gentle face scrub from Clean Skin Club! My favorite part about this scrub is the coconut oil! You can tell the ingredients are all-natural because you can smell the fresh scent of the coconut oil and aloe! It leaves my face feeling so smooth afterward! The next morning my face is always glowing!

After all of this, I follow with the same moisturizer from the morning!

Holy cow has this stuff transformed my eyelashes!! I have only been using it for three weeks and my eyelashes are visibly longer! This is the first eyelash serum I have ever used and now I'm hooked! It is definitely worth the investment! I apply it to my lashes almost every night (I say almost because I always forget to do it).

The top image is my lashes before I started using the serum, and the bottom is 2 weeks after!

Here are my lashes after three weeks with two coats of mascara!!

There you have it, everything I have been loving so far for my skin! I have also found that it helps to mix up your routine every now and again to keep your skin from getting used to a product! If you have any holy grail skincare products you recommend, drop them below and I'll try them out!

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