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Amazon Fashion: Tie-Dye Finds

It's pretty obvious by my insta that I have been loving the Tie Dye trend... HARD. I have found so many good tie-dye pieces from Amazon that I am rounding them up here!


Here's how I styled my favorite finds and my thoughts on each piece!

Tie-Dye Cropped Sweatshirt/ Pullover

The first find is this fun cropped pullover! It has a hood and drawstrings. It's lightweight and super easy to throw on with a pair of shorts or over your swimsuit! I am wearing a size M.

Tie-Dye Lounge Set

I have been living in this lounge set! It is so soft and cozy! I love that it comes in so many colors and patterns! There's a set for everyone! It also has pockets! I am wearing a size M. Also, peep my fresh self-tan from Golden Star Beauty which is also an Amazon find! You can use the code Justginger for 15% Golden Star Beauty products on Amazon or their site!

Tie-Dye Baby Doll Tee

This top is one of my favorite because of the detail on the back (which I didn't get a pic of, my b). The back is a lower V with a tie detail! I am wearing a size M.

Neon Pink Pullover

Ok, so this is obviously not tie-dye, but it comes in tie-dye! I originally was going to snag it in the tie-dye I linked, but then I saw the neon pink and had to have it! It's so fun because of the puff sleeve detail! It is also lightweight and easy to wear dressed up or down! I snagged it in a size M.

Tie-Dye Silk Tank Top

This silk tank is perfect for hot summer days! It also comes in several different tie-dye colors! I love that the straps are adjustable too! I am wearing a size S.

Tie-Dye Butterfly Sleeve Pocket Tee

I saw this top on @cmcoving and I had to have it! The prize is even better! Its a great material and the sleeve are adorable! I am wearing a size M.

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