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Amazon Must Haves for a Pet-Friendly Home

Hi friends!

Since adding our furry friends to our home this year I've been looking for the best home products to keep our home as clean as possible. Having two fluffy pets living inside leads to a ton of dust bunnies floating around our house. Being the clean freak that I am, I still need my house to be as clean as possible! I've been sharing a few of my top favorite must-haves on Instagram stories, and you guys wanted more! So today I'm rounding up ALL of my must-haves from Amazon that I use to keep our home clean!

Let's start with how I keep the floors clean! This is definitely the hardest part of keeping the house clean. Sully constantly tracks in grass and dirt from outside along with typical golden retriever shedding. This leads to me having to vacuum in some form once a day! If there's not too much on the floor, I will run the iRobot Roomba. This helps pick up grass and fur on the floor. It's not perfect, but it keeps down the mess! I will vacuum with our Shark Rocket vacuum about twice a week!

When it comes to mopping, I use the Swiffer for quick clean-up and our Steam Mop for a deep cleaning! I have had our steam mop since we moved in, and it has been amazing! I just recently added the Bissel Little Green Pet Carpet Cleaner to my cleaning lineup, and I'm super impressed! We also use it to clean furniture and inside the car!

The last handy tool for keeping our floors clean is the Black & Decker Dustbuster. This handheld vacuum comes in handy for all small messes but most importantly for cleaning up cat litter around the litter box!

Next on my must-have list are the items I use to keep the air in our home clean and smelling good! Having animals in the house leads to more dander and dust in the house. I noticed an increase in dust in our air right after we got our kitten Gryffy. He was actually sitting in the sunlight coming in and was whacking dust floating in the light. I immediately ordered an air purifier, and I'm so glad I did. Chris and I both have bad allergies, so I actually wish I would have ordered one sooner to keep down the new build dust in our house. I love the Levoit purifier that I found on amazon because it can be operated from the app and connects to Alexa!

To keep down the smell of dog in the house, I use the Pura Fragrance diffuser! I just recently added one to our house and it's so cool! It is also operated by an app and you can set schedules for two different scents. I have ours in the hallway and it keeps our entire home smelling good! I also like to use essential oils in our home just to reduce how much I'm burning candles!

One of the most asked questions I had about keeping our house clean was about our litter box setup! This was definitely something I was worried about when we found Gryffy. Having your entire house smell like a litter box is probably one of the worst parts of owning a cat. Finding a litter that didn't smell was my first task. I lucked out on the first try and found that the Tidy Cats Light Weight Litter has zero smell! I also recently started adding in the Arm and Hammer deodorizer to reduce other smells that come from the litter box. (If you have a cat... you know what I mean 🤣.)

One other issue with the litter box I ran into was constantly having to keep grocery bags to clean out the box with. I found the Litter Genie and it's life-changing!! It truly does keep in smell and eliminates having to keep grocery bags on hand.

The last issue I was having with the litter box is having litter all over our house. To start with, we had an open litter box on the floor. Once Gryffy was big enough, we moved the litter box to our guest bathroom tub and I purchased a closed litter box. I also added a matt under to catch litter on his paws. This reduced the amount of litter he was tracking out of the litter box! He still does track some out but it's not near as much and I use the handheld vacuum to clean it up when I clean out the litter box!

I hope this round-up of all of my favorite Amazon home items helped! I am still learning as our furry friends grow! If you have a favorite pet-friendly home item that I need to check out, drop a comment below to let me know!

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