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Best of Amazon Leggings

Lately, I have been stocking up on leggings from Amazon, and I have found so many good pairs! They are all the best quality and almost identical to Lululemon! Here are my favorite finds!

These joggers look and feel just like the Lululemon Align Joggers, but they are a fraction of the price! They come in so many cute colors! I also love that they are tight in the waist and booty area, unlike most joggers. This makes them super flattering!

When I saw these crocodile leather leggings I immediately added them to my cart! This pair is a dupe for the Spanx Faux Leather Croc Shine leggings! The only difference is that these have pockets! I will say that this pair fits more true to size than Spanx does too!

The last pair I snagged is the super popular Lulu Align dupes. I do own a pair of aligns and I can say that these are an exact match to the Lulu pair! I definitely will be grabbing these in all of the colors when they come back in stock!

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