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Cropped Sweatshirt Trend

Hi friends!

Today I have a fun quick craft that's literally nothing new in the fashion world. I'm sharing this trick just to show you all how quick and easy it can be! It also creates a super cheap version of the Aerie Sunday Soft Sweatshirt, and I'm all about saving some money here!

Right now, I'm all about the adorable lounge sets from aerie, but they can be a tad pricey for a simple sweatshirt and matching shorts. So I set out to make my own! You can easily use an old sweatshirt that you already have or make a fun trip out of it and head to Goodwill to stock up on some fun graphic sweatshirts! I ordered mine from Amazon because I was looking for a solid color similar to Aerie! I ended up ordering this Hanes Men's Sweatshirt in a size large for the oversized fit for under $10. I also found these from Gildan that come in a ton of colors for under $15! The pink Gildan sweatshirt I linked is almost identical to the pink one from Aerie that sold out!

1. I started by trying on the sweatshirt to see where it hit me in length to determine where to cut it! I'm 5'7 and the size large hit me right below the booty with the original hem. I decided to trim right along the hemline so it would still give some coverage when worn with leggings.

2. Flip the sweatshirt inside and mark where you are cutting to create a straight line. Again, I just followed along the inner hem! **For my shorties out there, I would recommend cutting half an inch to an inch above the hem!

3. Cut into the center and cut away!

4. And just like that, you have your own cropped sweatshirt.

This quick trick took under five minutes and saved me over $30! I call that a win in my book! I know this was nothing new or life-changing, but just take it as a source of encouragement to grab the scissors and save some money!



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