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Experiential Jewelry with Dune Jewelry

"Live for the moment, then take it with you."

This is the motto for the jewelry company Dune Jewelry, and I couldn't love it more! My favorite thing to do when I travel is to stop and really take in the beauty of wherever I am. Thanks to Dune Jewelry, I now have a piece of my favorite places wherever I go!

About the Brand

Dune Jewelry is an experiential jewelry company that makes custom pieces with sand and other elements from all over the world! With over 4000 samples of elements from beaches, trails, mountain ranges, and more, in their Sandbank, you can create your own piece from places of importance to you! By using the Create your Piece option on their website, Dune Jewelry makes it easy to create your piece. If you don't see an element you are looking for in the Sandbank, you can choose to send in your own! Every piece is handmade in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty! As if Dune Jewelry wasn't already an amazing brand, a portion of every sale is donated to various coastal and global causes!

Experiential: involving or based on experience and observation.

My Piece

For my custom piece, I went with the Boho Ring Larimar and Sand ring. For my elements, I knew that I wanted to have a piece of my two favorite beaches. On top, I choose Destin, FL. I fell in love with the white sand beaches and I have so many family memories staying there! On the bottom, I choose sand from Isle of Palms, SC. IOP holds a special place in my heart as it is where we have gone to the beach my whole life. Its almost like a second home for me!

When it came to choosing the middle and largest element, I wasn't sure what to choose. I scrolled through the sandbank and I found myself in the petal elements. Then I knew exactly what I wanted to choose. The pink carnation. As a Gamma Phi Beta woman, having this living symbol of my sorority is incredibly special. It serves as a reminder of all of my previous growth through my sorority in college and now as an alumni serving as an advisor and apart of the International Team.

Thanks to Dune Jewelry, I now have a sentimental piece of jewelry I will cherish forever! If you are interested in creating your own experiential jewelry, I would definitely recommend checking out all that they have to offer! They were even so sweet to give me a discount code for you all to use! Using the code JADA10 at checkout will give you 10%off your purchase!

Thank you to Dune Jewelry for gifting me this custom piece to share with you all!

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