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Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops vs. Tanning Water

It's no secret that I love a good self-tanner! I have recently been trying out tanning products from the brand Isle of Paradise. So many people have had so many good things to say about this brand, so I had to try them out for myself! That's one good thing about wintertime. You can experiment with your self-tanning routine with no consequences. Looks terrible? Throw on a turtleneck and out the door you go. Not even kidding.

Tanning Water: Shade Medium

One thing I have learned about tanning products is that tanning waters are so much easier to apply than moose or lotions. I don't feel like I have to work really hard at making sure I cover every spot of my body. I have never had a problem with tanning waters streaking! To apply tanning water I spray directly on my body and use a mitt to rub into my skin.

Specifically for the Isle of Paradise Tanning Water, I absolutely love the color. For my fair skin tone and completion, it gives a really natural color! Using shade medium gives me the perfect everyday tan! I didn't notice any transfer to my clothes when using this tanning water either which is a plus. It does have a faint tanning smell but not nearly as bad as some self-tanners.

Another plus to tanning water is that you do not have to shower off any guide color which I love. I apply at night and sleep in it. I go about my day and shower the following night and my tan doesn't get splotchy from sleeping in it or my clothes.

Tanning Drops: Shade Light

Alright, I'm going to be super honest here. I've purchases so many different tanning products. I've been gifted and paid for tanning products. When I say that this is hands down the best tanning product I have ever used, I mean it. I don't think there is one bad thing I can say about tanning drops! After using them for the first time, I am hooked!

To apply Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops all you have to do is add 1-3 drops in your everyday lotion! You can literally use whatever lotion you want, which means you can control the smell and consistency of your product! One thing I hate about self-tanning is that I cant use my normal body lotion after I shower. Well, now I can and get tan at the same time! To apply, I just used my hands and washed them after applying! My favorite part about the drops is that I didn't have any self-tanner smell throughout the day which is a first! I accidentally wore white the next day and had zero transfer to my clothes!

Here are my results with the drops! I got the drops in shade light because I originally planned on using them just on my face and tanning water for my body. I think this will be what I do for the summer or just order more drops in medium! The pictures on the left side are before and on the right side are after!

Overall, I am super impressed with the Isle of Paradise brand! I can definitely say I have found my new go-to self-tanning products!

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