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My Most Loved Amazon Items

I know we all love a good Amazon find! So today, I've rounded up all of my favorite purchases from Amazon! If you haven't checked out my Amazon storefront yet, I would highly recommend it! On my storefront, you can find everything I've purchased on Amazon and all of my finds!

Today I've rounded up all of my favorite finds that I use almost every day!

  1. Makeup Organizer: This makeup organizer is life-changing! The compartments are completely adjustable!

  2. Face Wash: I started using this face wash to treat my random cystic acne, and I have seen a huge difference in my skin! I also use the body wash!

  3. Cheetah Blanket: This cheetah blanket is the perfect barefoot dreams dupe! I keep it at the foot of my bed! It's so soft and not to mention adorable!

  4. Beauty Blenders: This set of beauty blenders is under $10 and way better than the real techniques orange beauty blender!

  5. Phone Charger: Having an extra-long phone charger is a must!

  6. Hat: I purchased this hat last year for the Braves game Chris and I went to, and ever since then it has become a staple piece in my closet!

  7. Arctic Cup: This cup is way better than my Yeti cup! Ice stays cold in it all day, and the color is perfect! It's also under $20!

  8. Hair Ties: Gimme Beauty hair ties are the best hair ties I have found! They give my ponytails so much volume!

  9. Waffle Maker: This is a must-have for so many reasons! It heats up quickly and is so easy to use! I cook cinnamon rolls on it too!

  10. Laptop Case: The pattern on this laptop case is absolutely adorable!

  11. Face Sunscreen: This sunscreen is definitely worth the money! It doesn't break my face out, and it's so lightweight.

  12. Scrunchies: Who doesn't want a 40 pack of every color scrunchie for under $10??

What are some good finds that you've found on Amazon?!

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