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Our Home Details

Hi friends!!

I have received so many questions about all the details of our home that it was definitely time I made a post for you all! I am so happy with how all of our spaces are coming along and it finally feels like home! The majority of our home decor is from Target, Tj Maxx, and Amazon!

Our Bedroom

Our bedroom is one of the first rooms that we completed in the house, and it's my favorite! I love how all of the colors came together in here and how cozy it all feels! All of our bedding is from the Magnolia Home line at Target!

Our Living Room

Our living room was one that was a little bit more difficult to figure out what I wanted. Due to issues with furniture ordering, it took several months to finally get our living room furniture. We ended up having to cancel our original order for our accent chair and bought these off the floor at a local furniture store, along with our coffee table! I was able to find very similar chairs from Walmart if you are looking for something like the ones we have! Our rug is my most recent purchase! I found ours from Boutique Rugs USA on sale for 65% off! I ended up ordering an 8x10 and it fits all of the furniture.

Our Kitchen

The Study

This room is my next room to work on! After we got our new living room rug, I moved the original one to the study, and it fits the area perfectly! I actually found the cutest picture to hang over the chairs this weekend so I'm really excited to share that once we get it hung! We also have to stain our blanket ladder that my dad built us and I plan to put it in the corner! Everything else in this space is Amazon and linked below!

House Details

Paint Colors- Our living room is two-toned. The top half is Sherman Williams Alpaca and the lower half is Requisite Grey.

For all of you that are moving to SC and are looking for a reputable home builder, I would highly suggest Enchanted Construction. The entire process of working with them was incredibly easy. During our home search, we looked at most of the builders that are in our area and we liked the finishes that Enchanted had to offer the best. We were able to customize all of our colors and finishes in our home. Everything you see in our home comes standard with the plans that Enchanted has to offer. The upgrades we chose were stainless steel appliances, white cabinets, and a glass shower door. We also added an additional window to our study area!

There you have it! Obviously, we have so much more to go but I am loving our house so far and I'm so happy you all are too!

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