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Just recently while scrolling through my sorority alumni page I made a connection with a sister that runs the cutest boutique! I am so excited to share with you all just how great her boutique is! The prices and pieces are amazing! They are all excellent quality and great for those that love a good casual wardrobe! I personally prefer more casual pieces that I can wear on a daily bases! All of these pieces are just that!

This tunic is perfect for fall days where the weather is a tad warmer! The sleeves are super lightweight and breathable! I love that the main material is waffle knit, so it is super flattering! I am wearing a size small!

If you can't tell, this piece is my favorite! The material of this tunic is so soft that it barely feels like you are wearing anything! I love the asymmetrical hemline detail as well! It looks super cute dressed down as I have here, or styled with jeans! I am wearing a size small.

This basic tee is super cute to carry into fall! It will be easy to throw on a cardigan or a denim jacket! It is a great length to pair with leggings as well! I love that the trim is a waffle knit material! I am wearing a medium!

I am a sucker for a good gold hoop! These gold square hoops are the perfect go-to accessory for any outfit! I love how lightweight they are! Better yet, they are only $9!

These multicolored earrings are another great year-round accessory! They have so many good colors in them that it makes it super easy to pair with any outfit! At only $9 they are a must!

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