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Timeless Gift Ideas for Her

When it comes to giving gifts, I love giving something that the person is going to love and get good use out of! I always think it makes the gift much more special when it's a practical item. When I personally get a gift like this, it always reminds me of who gave it to me and when, whenever I look at it.

MVMT watches are a great option when it comes to a classic and timeless gift! MVMT watches are premium quality pieces at a fraction of the price. MVMT for Her gifted me this gorgeous two-toned watch, and I love how much it elevates any look. Adding a classic watch as opposed to an apple watch, makes an outfit look more mature and sophisticated.

The Rise Mini Sienna watch reminds me so much of a Michelle or Timex watch, but at a fraction of the price! It has such a vintage look and feels to it. This style is also the perfect fit for my petite wrists. Having the two-toned metal makes this such an easy piece to pair with any metal jewelry for any look!

If a watch isn't a piece you are interested in, MVMT also has jewelry, sunglasses, and blue light blocking glasses for men and women! All of these are excellent gift ideas for any occasion!

Right now the majority of us are spending way more time behind computer and phone screens. Using a pair of blue light blocking glasses helps protect your eyes from the harmful blue light that is emitted from our screens! I have been using the MVMT Ingram Everscroll glasses in the color Tortious! The quality of these glasses feels so sturdy and durable for everyday use. They also haven't caused pressure headache from wearing them while working, which is a huge plus for me!

To check out the rest of MVMT's products you can click here, and for 15% off your purchase, you can use code Jada15 at check out!

Thank you to MVMT for Her for gifting me these pieces! All opinions are my own!

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