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Top 10 Amazon Purchases from 2020

Hi friends!

It's so hard to believe that 2020 is already coming to an end! This year was a weird one. I know I'm not the only one that spent more time online shopping this year. Amazon really became the main place I went to order literally everything. Today I'm rounding up all of my favorite Amazon purchases of 2020! These are my top 10 favorite purchases that I love and use the most! Out of 165 Amazon purchases, these are in no particular order! It was definitely hard to narrow them down but here they are!

  1. UV Nail Light: With 2020 being the year that we all had to become at home nail pros, this UV nail light was one of my most used items! I found all of my at-home gel nail items on Amazon!

  2. Vanity Planet Face Brush: This was actually one of my Christmas presents, and it's already at the top of my list! Since Clarasonic is no longer selling brushes, I couldn't get replacement heads for my brush. After using the Vanity Planet brush, I think it's actually better than my Clarisonic!

  3. Mini Waffle Maker: This one is a given! Who doesn't like making mini waffles? You can also use this to make cinnamon rolls into waffles!

  4. Makeup Brush Cleaning Matt: This is another Christmas present that immediately made the top of my list! This matt cut the amount of time I spent cleaning my brushes in half!

  5. Star Pullover: This star pullover has to be the softest pullover I ordered from Amazon this year! I love that the pattern isn't overwhelming and you can wear it with any color leggings!

  6. Casual Dress: This green dress wasn't just my favorite Amazon purchase, but a follower favorite as well! This was one of the top sellers from my blog this year and I loved seeing so many of you all wearing it in your posts!

  7. slm Water Bottle: I was looking for a water bottle that kept ice cold for boat days and just to carry to work! This slm bottle is huge and keeps ice for over 24 hours! Not to mention how cute the iridescent color is!

  8. Car Trash Can: I saw this car cup holder trash can on someone's stories and I was immediately influenced to purchase one! I keep it in the cup holder in my door and it's perfect for any random trash in the car!

  9. Color Changing Cups: These cups are Starbucks inspired and they are so cute! I use them for ice coffee and water!

  10. Lulu Dupe Joggers: Last but definitely not least are these joggers that are an identical dupe for the Lululemon Joggers! These are my favorite amazon fashion item I have ever purchased! They come in so many colors so I am definitely loading up on these! Even better they are under $30!

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