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Traveling Tips and Tricks

Hi friends!

After my recent weekend trip, I wanted to share a few of the items that I purchased to make traveling a lot easier and several of my traveling tricks!


Traveling Essentials

Two weeks ago, Chris and I flew to Ohio for the weekend! For this trip, I only took a carry on bag. This was the first time that I haven't checked my bag for the flight so I needed to figure out how to pack to make sure everything was TSA approved! Here are all the goodies I found on Amazon to make packing easier!

Click the image to shop all of my travel essentials on Amazon!

My first amazon find was the packing bags! This definitely helped me reduce the number of clothes that I was bringing. They also helped me keep everything organized! My next find was the clear cosmetic bags! TSA requires that all liquid items be packed in a clear bag, so I knew that these would be perfect if my bag were to be checked by TSA! I stored all of my toiletries in the larger one and my liquid makeup in the smaller! Another item that I never travel without is my Longchamp! They are so easy to carry everything in! I love that they also fold up and you can stick them in your bag if you decide to pack a smaller purse! I also carry mine on a daily bases to work!

Travel Recovery

There's so much work and thought that goes into planning a trip, but have you ever thought about what you should do after? Here's a list of my go-to task to do once I return home from a trip!

  1. Unpack: This may seem like an obvious task but I think it's so important to empty all my bags as soon as I get home from a trip. This always helps me get back into the routine of being at home. It's almost like a mental reset! And I know no one likes staring at the suitcase in the corner of their room for a week!

  2. Facial: While traveling, there's no clue what kinds of things your skin comes in contact with! I have sensitive skin, so after I travel I always have major breakouts. In order to reduce my breakouts, I make sure to treat my skin to a good cleanse and I use my favorite facial scrub from Tula!

  3. Exfoliate: Just like a facial, I make sure that my body gets a good scrub as well! This is especially important if you use self-tanner! My favorite body scrubs are from Tree Hut and I pick them up at Ulta!

  4. Detox Tea: After I make sure my skin is clean, I take care of the inside. One thing about traveling is that we tend to eat more than we normally would. I always tend to feel yucky after traveling because of what all I've put in my body. In order to do this, I use a detox tea! A few benefits of detox teas are decreased bloating, increased metabolism, and the energy boost! A new tea that I tried after my Ohio trip was from Hot Skinny Tea! This tea includes senna leaf, sencha green tea, lemongrass, garcinia cambogia extract, pu-erh leaf, lotus leaf, fennel, and stevia! I love that it is so smooth! Most hot teas tend to have a bitter taste to them and are difficult to drink in the morning (at least for me). With Hot Skinny Tea, I was able to drink it without having to add any additional sugars! IF you are interested in trying detox teas, I would definitely recommend checking them out!

There you have it! All of my favorite traveling tricks and recovery tips! Do you have any fun travel hack or tips? Let me know below!

Thank you to Hot Skinny Tea for sending me the 14 Day Detox to test! I genuinely loved this tea and I hope you do too!

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