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Ulta Haul ft. High-End Makeup Dupes

Hey there everyone!

Lately, I've found myself spending several hours scrolling through TikTok. I know I can't be the only one. As I was watching one girl's videos I noticed her makeup looked amazing, and I thought I need to know what she is wearing! I scrolled through her profile a little more and I found that she posted her makeup routine. So I looked up all the products and added them to my cart... over $200... Even though I love high-quality things... I wasn't feeling spending that much money on one makeup look.

So I did my next favorite thing to do... I went straight to Pinterest to find dupes for all the main products of her look (eyes, lips and cheeks)! After MANY hours of research, I found what I think are the perfect dupes for the main products I was after! If you're interested in my inspiration, here is the Tiktok! @audrreytrullinger

Let's get to the dupes!


In the video, Audrey uses the Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette which is $39 at Ulta. I found a similar palette from Colorpop with similar red and gold shades for only $18! The second eye product that she uses that makes the look was the Chanel Le Volume De Chanel Mascara at $32. I used the Tarte Maneater Mascara, that I already had! It has a similar wand and is only $23! The last item from the eyes was the NYX white eyeliner! This is the same eyeliner she uses in the video!

For blush, Audrey uses Chanel Blush in shade Malice which is $45. All of the dupes for this blush were a rosy peach color. For my dupe, I went with the Vanilla Truffle Palette from Bh Cosmetics for $12! I picked this palette for the top left color which is a similar peachy color! I also knew I would get more use out of all the colors because I love blush! Also, after using it, I found out that it actually smells like peach vanilla!!

The first product for lips was a liner, and Audrey uses Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk liner at $22. An identical liner to this is the NYX Peeakboo Liner which was on $4! For the lip, I decided to find a dupe for the matching Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick ( $34). A lot of reviews said that the NYX Mat Lipstick in shade Euro Trash was the perfect dupe, and it was only $6! To finish off the look, Audrey uses the Fenty Gloss Bomb lipgloss ($19). I chose the Colorpop Glossy lip in shade Champagne Mami for $7!

Let's jump into recreating the look!

I hope yall enjoyed this post! Let me know if you try any of these products out!


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