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Updated: Mar 7, 2020

If you've been around my insta for a while, then you know that this isn't my first time running a blog. In 2015 I started my first blog, The Classy Redhead. I learned so much from running this blog. I found my love for writing, fashion, and photography and editing. The Classy Redhead was my little escape for about two, almost three years. It allowed me to express so my creativity and so many thoughts.

It wasn't until my Junior year of college that I decided to stop writing on my blog. I found I didn't have enough time to manage my blog and focus on school and my many responsibilities. Another reason I stopped was that I shifted my focus from writing content that I truly believed in, to content that I thought would make me more of an "Influencer". I was trying so hard to make my blog fit into what everyone else was doing, that it lost its uniqueness. I was trying too hard to label my blog as solely a fashion blog that I lost the desire to create real content. This along with having way too much on my plate lead to me deleting my site and Instagram.

As soon as I clicked delete on The Classy Redhead, I knew I would regret my decision and I did. I lost two years' worth of hard work and passion. All I needed was a shift in focus and a major rebrand, but I let the words and expectations of other people determine if my work was worthy enough. I believed people who said "I didn't look like a blogger" and that "no one reads that stuff anyway." Heck, I was featured on at one point, so I must have been doing something right (peep bottom left pic for that feature).

Throwback to The Classy Redhead | 2015 & 2016

I've gone back and forth so many times on relaunching a blog. I finally realized the only thing stopping me was wondering what people would think or say when I started blogging again or if they would even read it. I could literally already see the eye rolls of those people who disapproved the first time around. But then I realized how wrong I was for letting the opinions of those people, who obviously don't know me or my heart, control my actions! I've learned now the only thing that matters is that I believe in the content I put into the world. If it helps just one person, then I've done my job!

So finally, here I am! I have absolutely nothing to lose here and literally everything to gain from this. This is my little happy place in a little corner of the internet, and I'm SO HAPPY to be here! I want this site to be a source of positivity and light not only for me but for those of you who read it. Let this be a source of daily encouragement to pursue what truly makes you happy. If God has laid it on your heart to do something, DO IT! He's put it there for a reason, and it's up to you to find out why.

I'm not here to share products and things I think you need. I'm here to share wholesome content that people can take something from. Why would you waste your time reading content that you can't gain anything from? I'm here to share my thoughts and great finds that I think you all will enjoy and gain from! And of course, I'll share some great deals here and there because who doesn't love shopping an amazing deal! Spoiler alert, this girl rarely spends full price on anything she buys!

My life looks so different from when it did when I started my blog in 2015. I've graduated from college and have started to try to figure out what I want my life to look like here moving forward. I'm so excited to take you all along with me on this journey.

So why the name Just Gingerly? I chose the name Just Gingerly for more than the obvious reasons. "Gingerly" meaning delicate and graceful, is the perfect word to represent the words and content I want to flow through this space. To be truly graceful is to serve with love and kindness, which is exactly what you will find here. With all that said, I welcome you to Just Gingerly and I'm so glad you're here!



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This is great. I want you to share your experiences with Liv and what she makes you reflect on.

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