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2 Years of Just Gingerly

2. Whole. Years.

It's so crazy to think that I started this little corner of the internet 2 years ago in February of 2020. When I started I knew that this was something I wanted I truly wanted to pursue and take all the way. I absolutely admired what so many fashion and beauty bloggers were doing, and it was always a dream of mine since I started my first blog in 2015. My love of fashion and content creation is something that has never faded even when I decided to stop blogging in 2017.

I am so proud of all the firsts and major accomplishments I've had this year. I've received so many incredible opportunities in this past year, from dream campaigns, modeling opportunities, and so much more that I would have never dreamed of.

I went back and read my very first blog post, My Why, before writing this post and I know that 2020 me would be so proud of where this platform has come in two years. I am so glad that I took a chance on myself and hit publish on my very first post when I did.

Year 2 Accomplishments

I share these accomplishments not to brag, but to serve as a marker to see where I've come and how I will grow this year! I also share to show that it's possible to be successful as a micro-influencer without a huge following.

  1. First paid Instagram campaign

  2. Signed a 6 month contracted campaign

  3. 1 million impressions on Pinterest

  4. Worked with several dream brands on my list

  5. Modeled for local businesses and boutiques

  6. Grew to 6k followers on Instagram

  7. Started growing my TikTok

  8. Saw consistent growth on

  9. Learned how to pitch myself to brands

  10. Turned my platform into a consistent source of income

There is absolutely no way I could have done any of these things without all of you that support me each and every day across all of my platforms! I truly can't say thank you enough! Here's to year three of Just Gingerly!

Shop the look below!

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